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Self-PublishingSelf-Publishing: How to Publish Like a Pro for a Fraction of the Cost

I know, I know…I wrote it. But what’s the point of having your own website it you can’t push your own book?

The idea for this book started one afternoon as I was walking on the beach. (Yes, now I’m showing off. Insufferable behaviour I know.) I had just finished formatting my book for print and thought I’d write a blog on the step-by-step process.

I started writing the blog, but it soon got too big. So I turned it into a book. Don’t worry, it’s got more than just formatting for print in it. I cover everything you should do before you publish, different publishing options, formatting for eBook and print, and how to upload to the necessary publishing sites.

Why did I write it? I got sick of ‘how to’ books that tell you what to do but not how to do it. My book takes you through step-by-step instructions. And if you can’t work something out you can always contact me through this site.


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Jason Mattew’s has covered so much information in this book. I must admit a little of it was beyond my IT knowledge when I read it – but we’ve already established I am a bit special.

He starts the book talking about social media and blog sites and then launches into the publishing side of things, discussing formatting and uploading for Smashwords and Amazon. Then he goes into designing your blog site before ending with the marketing end of things.

He pretty much covers the full spectrum of self-publishing in this one book, but you may find you need other books to supplement it. Chock full of instructions on things you didn’t even know you needed to know, this is definitely a book worth reading.

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