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Anybody can self-publish – but not everybody does it well.

Want to self-publish your book but concerned about the cost involved?
Frustrated with ‘how to’ books, that tell you what to do, but not how to do it?
Bamboozled by the number of self-publishing options available?

Self-Publishing: How to Publish Like a Pro for a Fraction of the Cost contains everything a DIY author needs:
• The crucial self-publishing options available.
• Things you need to do before you self-publish.
• How to self-publish for $10 and have your book available for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and iBookstore amongst others.
• How to format your 2007 or 2010 Word Document to look like a professionally printed book.
• How to format your eBook.
• How to format for Smashwords’ Meatgrinder.
• How to load your files into Amazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords.
This book is ideal for all authors, especially those with limited computer skills, who want to produce a professional looking product and reap the rewards.

DONNA JOY USHER is the award-winning, Amazon best-selling author of The Seven Steps to Closure and Cocoa and Chanel. She is a self-taught, self-publishing author, who is passionate about helping others achieve success.

Available on Amazon in eBook form January 2014.


7 Steps new kindle coverThe Seven Steps to Closure

Winner of the 2102 elit Publishing Awards – Humour

Tara Babcock awakes the morning after her 30th birthday with a hangover that could kill an elephant – and the knowledge she is still no closer to achieving closure on her marriage breakup. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that, not only is her ex-husband engaged to her cousin – Tash, the woman he left her for – but that Jake is also running for Lord Major of Sydney.
Desperate to leave the destructive relationship behind and with nothing to lose, she decides- with encouragement from her three best friends – to follow the dubious advice from a magazine article, Closure in Seven Easy Steps.
The Seven Steps to Closure follows Tara on her sometimes disastrous- always hilarious – path to achieve the seemingly impossible.

A credible and amazingly touching debut novel from Donna Joy Usher, this is a solid, light-hearted and honest read with plenty of laughs.
“The Seven Steps to Closure’s heroine Tara is an endearing character and her entertaining journey to closure is packed with laughs and plenty of heart.” Tonya Plank, Shirley You Jest! Book Awards judge and author of Swallow


Cocoa and Chanel

Winner of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards – Humour Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Ebook Fiction Category

Faced with the unattractive options of an affair with her boss’s husband or the unknown, Chanel Smith chooses the unknown and unwittingly traps herself into joining the New South Wales’ Police Force. More interested in fashion than felony, Chanel staggers through training and finds herself posted to the forces most notorious crime hot spot, King’s Cross, where she becomes entangled in a case of the worst kind – a serial killer targeting young women.

As she is drawn further into the seedy underworld in her attempt to unravel the truth, Chanel makes new friends, new enemies and draws the attention of the killer. Can she solve the case in time, or will she become the killer’s next victim?

Kindle cover Goons - resized for PressbooksBOOK TWO IN THE CHANEL SERIES


It’s been 3 months since Chanel’s world fell apart and now she’s ready for a vacation. Unfortunately, her all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas is not turning out as she had hoped. Within hours of arriving, her mum, Lorraine, is kidnapped. Then Trent, her boss and Lorraine’s boyfriend, disappears; but not before he imparts information about an Interpol investigation into missing girls in Las Vegas.
When Chanel hooks up with local bad boy, the seriously sexy Billy, in a bid to get information, things only start to get worse. As she and Martine search for answers they are thwarted by obstacles and pursued by ruthless killers.
Who really kidnapped Lorraine? What happened to the missing girls? Can the delicious Billy be trusted? These are all questions that she needs to find the answers to, before the answers find her.

Faery Born Kindle CoverFAERY BORN


It’s been thirteen years since the Dark Years ended. Thirteen years since the mad War Faery responsible was imprisoned in stone. Now, with goblin attacks on the rise it seems Galanta, the Goblin Queen, is intent on returning the land to chaos and terror.

Isadora Scrumpleton is trying not to think about the Dark Years. She’s just been chosen by her ‘familiar’, found out she’s half faery, and discovered she’s dating the second-in-line to the Faery Throne. That’s enough for one teenage witch to handle. But when goblins attack her village, Izzy is forced into action, ultimately joining the elite Border Guard and attracting the attention of the Goblin Queen.

As Galanta weaves a web of deceit, Izzy struggles to control her powers. Will she be able to stop the Goblin Queen in time, or will the world be plunged into a dark new reality?

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