If you’ve landed on this page then you’re either a fan interested in me as an author of fiction works or an author aspiring to self-publish. If you are the former, please check out my AUTHOR PAGE.

If you are the latter, congratulations and welcome to this Brave New World. As some wise-ass author (read me) once said, ‘There are as many ways to self-publish as there are to skin a cat. Thankfully self-publishing is not so messy, and you don’t have to catch a cat first.’

Although the many options open to us are exciting and enticing, tread carefully – the land of self-publishing can be a tricksy and expensive place. Many sharks circle, hoping to make money from our publishing attempts, not our novels.

That’s where I come in (cue hero-arrives-on-horse-back music). My aim is to help you publish your works in the most economical and painless way. As you’ll read in my book, Self-Publishing: How to Publish like Pro for a Fraction of the Cost, after I pay for my ISBN, editor and cover design, it only costs me $10 to publish my eBook and print books.

Self-Publishing is evolving at a rapid pace. Even the most established of the publishing companies are continuously adapting to stay competitive. During the few months it took me to write How to Self-Publish like a Pro, Kobo, Amazon and Bookbaby all made major structural changes to their products.

I’ve created this site to educate, help and inspire you. There are heaps of resources for you to look at and I’d love to hear from you through my Contact page.

I also plan to keep you up-to-date with the self-publishing world, by posting blogs on such matters. To make sure you stay in touch with my self-publishing news fill out the box below. I promise not to spam you or to give your information to anybody else.

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