How to Add Internal Links to Your Book on Pressbooks.

I’m writing this just in case there is someone else out there like me, who uses Pressbooks to format their book, and is having trouble adding internal links. I initially used the link to existing content in the link box but it didn’t work for me. A few emails to Pressbooks and Hugh finally had me sorted. (In all fairness to him, with anyone else it probably would have been sorted after the first email!)

This is what he told me to do:

Choose to go into the Text version not the Visual one. Go down to where you want to add the internal link. We are going to add in a relative link. For this example let’s say you were using the word HERE for people to click onto activate the link. Where you want the link, add this text coding:

<a href=”/chapter/add-in-the-name-of-the-chapter-you-want-to-link-to/”>HERE</a>

The HERE will show up highlighted in your book and be clickable.

So if the name of the chapter you want to link to is – How on Earth did I get Myself into this Mess? You would put:


So no question mark. Also no extra dashes or apostrophes or any characters. Just the letters in the chapter name.

For more information on relative links check out the following:

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